Recognize Stress in others and Offer Non-Judgmental Help

Offering a helping hand with understanding and sensitivity is invaluable in managing everyday stress. The Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others course equips you with the skills to recognize when someone is struggling and to extend assistance with compassion and respect.

With the Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others course, you develop skills to support and care for others and help them to strengthen their resilience. By starting with self-care, you develop your ability to be there for family and friends during tough times.

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A unique approach:

Unlike mental health first aid, which trains people to help someone during a mental health emergency, Red Cross Psychological First Aid teaches you how to build resiliency to stress and establish coping strategies.  

PFA Caring For Others course format:

Learn at your own pace with our self-directed online format. Each course takes around 90 minutes, but you're in control of timing. Invest in yourself and unlock your potential today!

Course Curriculum

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  Module 1 – Introduction To Psychological First Aid & Helping Responsibly
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  Module 2 – How People Are Affected By Crisis
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  Module 3 – Look, Listen, Link, Live Cycle
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Module 1 – Introduction to Psychological First Aid and Helping Responsibly

Discover the transformative power of Psychological First Aid (PFA), a compassionate and practical approach to helping those in crisis.

It covers the five elements of PFA, the appropriate timing and circumstances, varying support levels, and considerations to avoid inappropriate actions. It also emphasizes responsible care, including cultural sensitivity, respecting boundaries, self-care, and maintaining competence. The aim is to equip learners with knowledge and skills to respond effectively in crisis situations.

One hand reaching out to hold another hand for support and assistance.

Module 2- How People are Affected by Crisis

The second module of Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others course will guide you through the complexities of loss, grief, and stress in the wake of a crisis. The module covers various forms of loss, and discusses the process of grief, highlighting different types of stress experienced.

Special attention is devoted to understanding and supporting vulnerable groups, such as children, the elderly, and those with health conditions. This knowledge will equip learners with the necessary skills to help individuals and communities during challenging times.

A group of five people gather in a living room while actively listening to one of them.

Module 3 – Look, Listen, Link, Live cycle

In the "Look, Listen, Link, Live Cycle" module, you'll explore the application of this cycle in stress management, including how to support the people in your life. Understand signs of stress what resilience means, and use active listening to provide support. Learn how to prepare for a crisis, identify support systems, and promote healthy coping mechanisms.

Practice making key links post-crisis, linking to basic needs, accurate information, loved ones, and professional care. The last module of Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others course is enriched with a foundation of humanitarian values and principles.

Psychological First Aid cycle of Listen, Live, Link, and Look.