Opioid Harm Reduction (OHR) at the Canadian Red Cross focuses on reducing the negative consequences of illicit and prescribed opioid use through education and increased access to naloxone.  

Current harm reduction systems and processes aren’t reaching everyone who needs them in time. The OHR Project is envisioning a future where no one in Canada will experience an opioid poisoning emergency without a trained person being there with a naloxone kit to help. We are committed to helping communities reduce opioid-related deaths by reducing stigma, encouraging more helping behaviours among Canadians, increasing Canadians’ access to OHR education, and increasing access to naloxone– a life-saving medication that temporarily reverses the life-threatening effects of opioid poisoning.  Many people equipped with small amounts of knowledge can add up to big outcomes. We can all help.  

We need your help to make this vision a reality. Get started now!


The Canadian Red Cross is a national expert in Prevention and Safety education, training more than 1.8-million Canadians each year.